Monday, July 18, 2016


I've been told this story numerous times and I thought I'd share. Disclaimer I do not know if this story is true! But the message behind it is so beautiful! So even if it may not be real please try to take in the message.

There was once a Muslim man who fell in love with this Muslim lady. So he approaches her and what not. Over time both get really close and become boyfriend and girlfriend. Both weren't religious, so they didn't really care about haram and halal. But over time the Muslim brother gets closer to Islam. 

So he tells the women he loves "I love you, but I love Allah more." He tells her that he wants to be a better Muslim and leave his bad habits. So they separate. After five years this brother gains a lot of Islamic knowledge, he becomes a respected brother, he becomes very practicing. So after a while he decides that he wants to get married.

So one day as he enters his house he notices his niqabi neighbor, so he mans up and decides to ask her hand in marriage. So the day he goes to get to know her he sees her face, and it turns out the niqabi neighbor is the same girl he loved five years ago. The same very women that day took an oath to get closer to Allah as well.

Like I said this story may not be true, but it hits home. Fall in love with Allah first, fill your heart with Him and in shaa Allah, Allah will bless you with what your heart wants. If you're In a Relationship leave it, because how do you expect love and tranquility with a person when you are disobeying Allah?

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