Sunday, February 21, 2016


I want to share a story my teacher told me today about Umar (ra).


Umar(ra) never forbade or prevented women from going to masjid but he was very protective about his wife and did not like her going to masjid.
So once it happened that the wife of Umar(ra) goes to pray in masjid and it was quite dark at the masjid, so Umar(ra) pokes his wife at the masjid and his wife gets very scared and upset about it, not knowing who did it .

So while she returns home she says this to her husband that he was right about being protective about her and narrates him the incident that took place at the masjid while hearing this Umar(ra) smiled and told it was him who did that.
`Atika bint Zayd the wife of `Umar would ask `Umar permission to go to Salat in the Masjid and he would remain silent.
She would continue, "I swear I will go out unless you forbid me." She used to go out for Salat al-`Isha and Salat al-Fajr. She was asked once: "Why do you go out like that, knowing how jealous he is?" She replied: "And what prevents him from forbidding us?"

Umar ibn al-Khattab said that a man came to his house to complain about his wife. On reaching the door of his house, he hears Umar's wife shouting at him and reviling him. Seeing this, he was about to go back, thinking that Umar himself was in the same position and, therefore, could hardly suggest any solution for his problem. 

Umar saw the man turn back, so he called him and enquired about the purpose of his visit. He said that he had come with a complaint against his wife, but turned back on seeing the Caliph in the same position. Umar told him that he tolerated the excesses of his wife for she had certain rights against him.
He said, "Is it not true that she prepares food for me, washes clothes for me and suckles my children, thus saving me the expense of employing a cook, a washer man and a nurse, though she is not legally obliged in any way to do any of these things? Besides, I enjoy peace of mind because of her and am kept away from indecent acts on account of her. I therefore tolerate all her excesses on account of these benefits. It is right that you should also adopt the same attitude..."

Thus.. from this story.. what we can learned is.. being patient with our wife is the most important.. because, nowadays.. there is so much fight within the married couples.

the understanding is the important thing though. and.. be patient, love ur wife at infinity..